Let me entertain you

As a small boy growing up in a mid-sized American city in the 1950’s, I was as all small boys are, obsessed with sex. Well not all boys…many small boys are obsessed with torturing small helpless creatures, so I was “different”.

 I would eagerly seek out every Sears and Montgomery Ward catalog I could find and slather over the lingerie section. 

 As fate would have it I soon grew to be a big boy obsessed with sex and then sadly into an old man obsessed with sex.

 Never having had the benefits of rigorous religious repression, I have been handicapped ever since with a deep and sincere lack of guilt.

I consequently developed a rich and varied fantasy life...complete with inflatable dolls and Vaseline. 

  Most artists stand on the shoulders of past masters and build their visions from those lofty heights…I have chosen to wallow in the toe jam of humanity. A graduate of the “Black velvet” school of art.

 I have traveled the world extensively in a never ending search for cheap thrills and cheaper booze. Out of the alcoholic haze and the musty ambiance of dive bars I have forged a whimsical and nonsensical Art…and contracted several nasty skin disorders, as well.  

  Rejected from all respectable art institutions I was left with few choices. Taking matters into my own hands I became a master of self abuse.

 In time I became a highly successful illustrator and intellectual prostitute. In the 1980's I reached national prominence with my work gracing the covers of Mad magazine while I still managed to evade the police.  One may ask “Do we really need another Looney Toons arrogant fop painting outrageous canvases in a masturbatory frenzy?” Of course not. But if I can make a few bucks selling them … why not?

 The work is flamboyant yet clunky. Theatrical yet common place. Irritating but quaintly amusing.   The theme of my work is “Ecco Homo” which is Latin for “your place or mine”. 

My mission is to undermine our pedestrian culture, abolish our bourgeois morality and confront the darkest, nastiest, gooiest depths of my soul….or something like that.  

  -Richard Williams

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